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Heart to Heart Retreats... retreats for women

Spiritual Retreat - Empowering Selfgrowth

Private Women's Retreat

Group Women's Retreats

850-836-6225   CST - Time Zone


  Spiritual Retreats are healing & empowering in nature. 

Our private spiritual retreat is held in a small rural town in North Florida. Ponce de Leon an hour away from North Florida's Gulf Coastline. We are just an hour away from either Destin or Panama City, right off the East-West I-10 corridor.

  Private Retreats. Customized to each individual's needs and goals. We specialize in coaching women toward better self-esteem, image and confidence. Working with women to help make positive choices & changes in their lifes. Main focus on nurturing - healing the spirit or voice within.

Our Private Retreats also open to men.

Quiet country healing retreat. Very safe!  Enjoy some time off work!  Relax and renew!

  Healing the heart within! Come have a heart to heart... empowerment retreat.

Our Group Women's Retreats are held directly on Florida's beautiful beaches. Florida's upper panhandle. Group women's retreat held once a year. Small women's group of 4 -10.

  Empowering & Fun! Come learn new things about yourself!

Private or group hypnosis used for various types of personal self-improvement and enhancing self-esteem-confidence. Introspection is crucial at times in our life. For our own mental & physical health-well being and betterment in our lives. Heart To Heart Retreats through hypnosis helps you look deep within your own soul or spirit for healing and awareness. Releasing old blocks, old emotions, old patterns, fears or habits from your life. Releasing old energy or stagnant chi.

  A spirit journey for solution or resolution!

Creating a safe retreat environment for your personal spiritual growth, clearing of body, mind and spirit. Inner growth and inner healing. Giving voice to your inner spirit.

Need some peace & quiet? Rest & relaxation? How about a quiet retreat or a getaway!

Add massage and guided meditation and you have a winning combination to relieve stress from the fast pace of everyday life and the hustle of city life and traffic.

  Our retreats are free of prejudism toward race or alternative lifestyles. If you are human you are welcome in our reality and at our retreats! We truly are of one race and are diverse!


  We are not a religious retreat facility. Links to a couple - on the Cyberlinks page.

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