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Heart to Heart Retreats... retreats for women

Spiritual Retreat... an empowering getaway

Spiritual Retreats enhancing self esteem and self awareness. Inner growth & empowerment!

  Our private retreats are spiritual and healing in nature. We create a quiet nurturing environment for your private retreat. Come enjoy spiritual growth, rest & relaxation, massage and some fun at the beach!

  Safe quiet country retreat-rural environment.

Our private spiritual retreats are also open to men.

  Healing the heart, mind and soul within!

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Price & Location<link

Retreat Facilitator - Life Coach:  Ra'mona Marie  The goal of all my retreats is to coach my clients toward a higher sense of personal satisfaction in their life. To help heal hearts! To expand perceptions of who you are.

To empower, to help bring about an enhanced sense of personal happiness and confidence in your life. To help bring about a greater appreciation of self and of life in general.

  Help guide you toward hidden conflict, blocks or limitations in your life.

I am an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist and Personal Life Coach. I am also a natural Psychic Intuitive. I have been in business for myself for thirty years now. More about me

I have had a natural gift of intuition since a child. I use this gift of natural instinct or intuitive ability to help locate inner blocks or hidden issues in many instances working with clients.

  I coach clients to trust and use their own natural sense of intuition or gut feelings. One of the paths in my life is to empower others, to influence, to reach out and touch someone within the heart. To motivate people toward making positive changes and good choices in their life. As the choices we make in life either allow or disallow happiness in our lives.

With your approval, I use hypnosis to project new positive changes that you desire... into your life through posthypnotic suggestions. Another technique in hypnosis is to use guided imagery, which is a very positive and effective way to utilize the subconscious mind to help change undesired patterns and create new healthy patterns.

Using hypnosis in finding solutions - resolutions to old fears - patterns and releasing them.

  Releasing the past and unhealthy reactions to past incidents or past trauma.

Facilitating healing new perspective in your life with positive changes as a result.

In her new book, Your Sixth Sense, Belleruth Naparstek says "guided imagery is a specific kind of meditation that causes deep shifts in a body, psyche and spirit." I totally agree, regarding guided imagery, and the changes that can result in one's life utilizing these methods. I have seen dramatic changes occur in others and in myself via the mind.

  Let's define what I mean by a spiritual retreat.  To me spiritual means the totality of an individual's sense of personality-perceptions. This including the entire person,  the body, mind and spirit.... plus our paths in life.  The totality or awareness of who you are as a person.

This awareness encompassing the entirety of a person's life. Including their feelings about who they are as a person, where they are in life, and where they want to go in life. Their search for satisfaction in life. Understanding the relationships in their life. And their connection in these relationships.

  And the constant path of change in these relationships.    Price & Location<link

Change is the one stable and constant thing in our life. Change is the one thing that will simply occur in our life. We can change very abruptly or very slowly due to our stubborn attitudes. Or we can change graciously through our power of intent and willingness to change.

  It is this chain or path of constant change I call spiritual.

We can let the wind blow us to or fro, or we can actively empower ourselves and one another to bring about healing and positive changes in our life, and in the life's of others.

  Come take a spirit journey or vision quest at Heart to Heart Retreats

  Hypnosis/Coaching Sessions:  My sessions with retreat clients generally range from one to three hours depending on the day and intent of that particular session. A very intensive personal journey. Number of sessions varies to actual length of retreat.  See prices<link for more specific number of inclusions.

Additional Hypnosis/Coaching/Massage sessions are optional.

  Other possible topics covered:

Personal Life Coaching: Specializing in Women's issues such as career, lifechanges, divorce, death, grief or loss. Phone Sessions<link

Hypnosis - Present Life - Regressions - Past life

Empowerment - Self Esteem - Confidence Issues

Conflict Resolution in Relationships

Weight Control - Stop Smoking - Pain Management

Incest Recovery - Coaching

  Massage Time: A one hour massage is given by a Licensed Massage Therapist during your retreat.  Number of massage sessions included vary to duration of retreat.

See prices<link  for more specific number of inclusions.

Additional massage sessions, body wraps, facials plus manicures and pedicures are optional. Let us customize your retreat!

  Meditation Sessions: Available/optional. Want to learn how to meditate-guided sessions.

  Location:  Ponce de Leon, Florida. An hour away from either Destin or Panama City. Private Heart to Heart Retreats are actually held in our home. Our home prior to us, was fondly referred to as Happy House by previous owners. I have kept that name for our home and refer to it as such, as it sets the stage for a happy heart! Read our referrals.

Happy House is a 100+ year old Florida cracker house. Now used as Heart to Heart Retreat Center. We are not a large commercial retreat facility. Our private heart to hearts are very personal, a one-on-one interaction. Soothing beach trips are included in all our retreats.

  More about Happy House/photos <link

You would stay with Ra'mona & David her husband, 2 doggies and one little green bird.  Very similar environment to a Bed & Breakfast. Very safe! Lots of hummers, birds & butterflies.  

Private Bedroom/Bath/Cable/Hot tub/Quiet country-rural retreat. Very relaxed & relaxing!

We have recently bought another 100 year old Florida cracker house directly across the street from Happy House. We are completely restoring that house for our Heart to Heart guests. It is not ready for our use yet, but coming along nicely! Photos<link


  Great gift idea!  A Good gift! A retreat is a great gift to yourself or someone you love. Do something nice for the women in your life! A great gift for a wife, girlfriend, mother, a daughter or sister. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present!


  Prices:     3-day  5-day  7-day  10-day <link to retreat prices


  Our retreats are free of prejudism toward race or alternative lifestyles.

  We are not a religious retreat facility.  A link to one is on the Cyberlinks page. 

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Read our Referrals<link


great gift idea, good gift,nice gift,present
great gift idea, good gift,nice gift,present